Mary Holmberg

for MN House District 60A

Mary Holmberg MN HD60A

Who am I?

I’m Mary Holmberg, a lifelong metro area Minnesota resident and graduate of the University of Minnesota. I was a soccer mom in the 90s, involved with scouts, sports and PTA organizations. In recent years, I completed the Master Water Stewards program through the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization, Class of 2016 and Master Recycler program through Hennepin County, Class of 2018. My working career has been spent as support staff at a small law firm.

Now I am blessed to have 4 beautiful grandchildren and look forward to the opportunity to homeschool them.

Which brings me to …

Why am I Running?

It is critical for the future of Minnesota to stop the insanity coming out of St. Paul.

I’ve lived in HD 60A for the last 12 years with my husband John. Like many Minneapolis residents, the Democrat riots of 2020 confirmed a nagging skepticism about the local authorities. Thankfully, my business was not burned down and the local police precinct was not abandoned, but my faith and perception of the local and state government entities will never be the same. I came to realize that summer that Minneapolis was certainly on a bad path, whether by design or incompetence. There was no more denying what was going on in this state right before all of our eyes. Participation of all those who don’t agree with the hard left’s agenda is mandatory to correct the course of this state and get Minneapolis, Minnesota off the front pages world-wide for the insanity going on here.

Since then, I’ve involved myself in the grassroots all volunteer effort underway to retool a Republican presence in Minneapolis.

I will put common sense to work on day one.

My Priorities

Teacher with students at a table with children at computers in the background


School choice. Empower parents with financial support through tax credits to obtain education that teaches their values. The monopoly of public schools has produced poor student performance. Increased competition in the education marketplace will improve government schools, as well as, offer alternative world views to students.

Youn plant growing out of rich soil


I support modern mining with all the environmental safeguards that go with it. While there is disagreement whether benefits outweigh the risks, I believe strengthening the Minnesota economy with mining of material we are fortunate to have within our state is a better choice than outsourcing mining and its attendant drawbacks to foreign adversaries. As long as precious metals are in demand world-wide, Minnesota should not be so arrogant and short-sighted as to ban responsible mining.

Money exchanging hands


I support increased audits and accountability within any department issuing grants and subsidies to “non-profits”. When political candidates are required to account for contributions down to $20, it is insane that non-profits are allowed to steal and routinely defraud the Minnesota taxpayers for hundreds of millions of dollars due to lax oversight.